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We are landscapers who in stall Sod in Spring Hill Tn. Call us now

We have thick, tall, healthy sod to install on your property.

   The Sod we install comes directly from the sod farm the day before or the same day. Sod on slopes is installed with Sod pins to hold it in place. Our sod jobs are installed in an alternating pattern and each piece is shoved close. The sod comes in a blend of 3 kinds of Fescue and typically 1 type of Bluegrass mixed. This is done to insure that once an insect or fungus falls in love with a type of grass in the sod the very next plant is of another variety or species. This slows funguses and insects down tremendously. Doing a blend also helps prevent loss of the sod during a drought because some of the sod will handle the drought better.
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